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Customized Facials

Oxygen Facial
Essential Peptide
Cranberry Glow
Blueberry Smoothie
Epicuren Facial Diamond Tip
Diamond Smoothie
Purity Acne Facial
Micro Smoothie
Blueberry Jessner
(1-2 passes)
(3-5 passes)
Face $95 $105
$110 $110
$135 $115 $130 $155
$155 $190
$115 $125
$135 $135 $160 $140 $160 $180
$190 $220
Hands $15
$15 $15 -- $20
-- $30
$45 $55


Inner Thighs
Legs: Upper or Lower

TEEN: 16 or younger
Legs: Upper or Lower
Toes / Feet
Classic Bikini



Classic Bikini
Bikini Plus
Happy Trail
Lower Back - Ladies Tushy: inner cheeks
Full tushy: inner/outer
$15 +


Teen Underarms


F,N,C = Face, Neck and Chest
BF = Back Facial
O2 = Oxygen
Micro = Microdermabrasion

Facial Descriptions

Oxygen Facial: $95    F/N/C: $120    Hands: $10
Using the Echo2 System, your skin will love the cool, spray of pure oxygen mist. Vitamins A, ester-C, E and 88 minerals are diffused in the oxygen flow chamber. Oxygen, a natural bactericide, lessens the potential for infection, inflammation and redness. Excellent for post laser, chemical peels, dehydrated and dry skin; as it is regenerative and healing. Plumping and calming are further attributes. Effective on all skin types.

Blueberry Smoothie: $105     F/N/C: $135     Hands: $15    
A refreshing, antioxidant peel lightly exfoliates without irritation. Great for dull, mild acne and aging skin. The texture of your skin will look amazing after one treatment! This gentle, yet dramatically effective peel is a favorite among many! No peeling with this peel.

Diamond Tip: $110     F/N/C: $140     Hands: $20    
Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. A mini diamond tip is included to get around delicate areas such as eyes, nose and mouth. Great on all skin types. Chemical free, non-invasive and requires no downtime.

Diamond Smoothie: $140    F,N,C: $170     Hands: $25    
The Blueberry Smoothie and the diamond tip are combined in this treatment.

Purity Acne Facial: $110     F,N,C: $140.    
Powerful and stimulating Purity Peel combats acne and oil, keeping it at bay! A medium depth peel that clears blemishes, reduces inflammation and scarring. You will notice a dramatic difference with clearer and smoother skin.

Mighty Micro: $125     F,N,C: $155     Hands: $30.
Regain the glow of healthy skin! By use of aluminum oxide crystals and liquid enzymes, damaged skin cells are sloughed off with amazing results. An added facial buffing is included with the diamond tip. The blue and red LED lights shine deep into the skin through the microdermabrasion and diamond tips. Microdermabrasion can reduce fine lines, acne, discoloration and scars. Cool oxygen mist ends this service. Excellent for all skin types.

Micro Smoothie: $155     F,N,C: $185  Hands: $35    
The works! The Blueberry Smoothie, MicroDermabrasion crystals, the diamond tip and oxygen mist are all combined.

Blueberry Jessner: 1-3 passes: $145     F,N,C: $180     Hands: $45    
..........................4-5 passes: $175     F,N,C: $210     Hands: $55
This intense peel smoothes over fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes & discolored skin. It is more effective with less downtime and discomfort than traditional Jessner peels. Oxygen mist is included.
* Numbing cream recommended prior to this facial.

General Advice: Exfoliating services NOT recommended for clients using Retin-A, Renova and Accutane. Check with your Dr. if you have diabetes or are pregnant