What is Sugaring?

Sugaring hair removal is not a modern modality. The technique is historically over 2,000 years old and originates from the Middle East.

Body sugaring is a gentle way to remove unwanted hair for all body parts. It is effective on all skin types and hair textures.

It’s a safer method of removing hair. There is less chance of skin bruising, burning and skin lifting,

Fact: More hair breakage occurs with wax. Wax removes hair in the opposite direction that it grows. This action bends the hair backward, breaking some hairs which can cause in-growns. Hairs pop-up days later since they were not removed by the root, just the surface; as with shaving.

Hair will NOT grow back in dark and coarse. Instead, your hair becomes thinner, lighter and sparse with repeated sessions.

Sugaring removes dry, dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth.

Hair is removed from the root. The hair follicle is exhausted faster than other methods of hair removal, making sugaring longer lasting.

No cross contamination, no re-using of sticks. It’s 100% sanitary.

In-grown hairs are minimal, normally caused by shaving and waxing.

Organic Sugar Product

The sugar paste is a blend of organic ingredients; sugar, water and lemon juice. Free of chemicals, toxins and resins, there are no harmful side effects.

Will This Service Hurt?

The first time sugaring, especially the bikini area, will be uncomfortable. By booking your appointments every 3 – 5 weeks, your hair will grow in finer & thinner. In time, the service won’t be as painful.

You might be more sensitive if you consume alcohol, caffeine (before your appt.) have a hangover or are pregnant.

Your second sugaring service will be easier for you as the hair will be thinner. If you are sensitive, take a pain reliever before your appt.

Any form of hair removal is painful, including laser. Waxing tends to be more painful, here’s why. Upon application, the wax sticks to your skin and hair like a glue, lifting “live” skin cells. Even though we are talking micro layers of skin, it still hurts.

Is the Sugar Paste Hot?

NO. It’s room temperature, so it will never burn your skin. It's warm enough to push into the hair follicle, comfortably, yet firm enough to perform the service.

Lasting Results

After your first visit, you should not see much hair for about 2 weeks. After repeated sessions, your hair will start to grow in finer and thinner. Sugaring on a schedule, such as every 4 weeks, means eventually your appointment could be every 5 to 6 weeks.

What Is The Technique?

Sugaring was first found in Egypt, dating back around 300 B.C.

The technique is not simply learned after a few classes. It takes time, practice and experience to skillfully know your craft.

The sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction your hair grows; pushing the sugar into the hair follicle. This application grips the hair better and gets it at the root.

Because the sugar is water soluble, it’s able to penetrate into the hair follicle better. The paste is then “flicked” out in the hairs natural direction, removing the hair and the root.

The paste sticks to the hair without attaching itself to the skin and without lifting live skin cells. This is why sugaring is less painful.

Sugaring eliminates broken hairs and minimizes ingrown hairs, normally caused by shaving or waxing.

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